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Frequently asked questions

Describe your leadership style during your experience at Optik?

 I practiced collaborative leadership at Optik, promoting open communication, clear goal-setting, and fostering an environment that motivated the team to contribute their best.

Discuss a complex problem you faced and how you overcame it.

During the prosthetic arm project, we faced difficulties integrating EMG signals with our hardware. We overcame this by continually refining our algorithms and performing thorough testing, demonstrating perseverance and problem-solving skills.

How do you handle deadlines and manage time across tasks?

Effective time management is key. I prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency, set a timeline, and conduct regular progress checks. Team communication and efficient task allocation further support timely project completion.

What motivates you in biomedical engineering?

I am driven by the potential of biomedical engineering to improve health outcomes and enhance quality of life. The opportunity to apply engineering principles to solve complex health problems and make a positive impact on people's lives is what motivates me in this field.

What is your approach to teamwork?

I believe in open communication, mutual respect, and collaboration. I learned the importance of teamwork during my academic projects and have applied these principles to my professional work.

How did your studies prepare you for Biomedical Engineering?

My dual-degree program has equipped me with a strong theoretical knowledge base, technical skills, and hands-on experience in Biomedical Engineering, while the Business aspect developed my understanding of working in teams, leadership, and project management.

How proficient are you with Python and other programming tools?

My proficiency in Python extends to data and image analysis, hardware integration, and automation tasks. I've also used SolidWorks for 3D modelling and Arduino for hardware actuation, demonstrating a versatile skill set in programming.

Describe presenting your work to a non-technical audience.

I have presented my projects to diverse audiences, including non-engineers. I focus on explaining the problem, the importance of the solution, and the impact of the work, using clear and accessible language.

How do you handle project failure?

I view failure as a learning opportunity. If a project doesn't go as planned, I analyze what went wrong, learn from my mistakes, and apply these lessons to future projects.

How do you stay updated with biomedical engineering advancements?

I regularly read scientific journals, attend webinars, and participate in relevant online communities. This helps me stay informed about the latest research and technological advancements in the field.