French Language Certification

Feb 2012 - Dec 2015

Foreign Language Certification Overview

Between February 2012 and December 2015, I embarked on an intensive, university-level foreign language certification course at the esteemed International Centre for French Studies. This course allowed me to deepen my linguistic expertise, cultural understanding, and interpersonal communication skills in French, and I successfully attained Diplomas (CEFRL B1 and B2) in French studies, which showcases my commitment to mastering this international language.


The successful acquisition of the CEFRL B1 and B2 diplomas, equivalent to university-level French proficiency, is a testament to my dedication and thorough approach to comprehensive French learning. These globally recognised certifications have facilitated my development of robust linguistic abilities and a profound comprehension of French culture.

In-Depth Understanding of French Studies

  • University-Level Linguistic Skills: The course enabled me to refine my French language abilities to a university-standard, including proficiency in complex linguistic structures and extensive vocabulary usage in both written and spoken contexts.
  • Reading Comprehension: The university-level course allowed me to develop advanced reading comprehension skills, adept at understanding and interpreting various French texts, from news articles to complex academic literature.
  • Cultural Knowledge: My study delved into the intricacies of French society, culture, history, and literature, fostering a holistic understanding and appreciation of the language beyond its mere spoken form.
  • Interpersonal Communication: The certification program significantly enhanced my French-speaking proficiency, enabling me to engage in fluent, spontaneous conversations and thereby enhancing my interpersonal and cross-cultural understanding.

Reflections on the Certification Journey

Reflecting on my journey to acquire this university-level foreign language certification, I feel a great sense of achievement. The course at the International Centre for French Studies not only refined my linguistic capabilities to a high academic standard but also broadened my cultural horizons. Attaining the CEFRL B1 and B2 diplomas underpins my commitment to continuous learning and cultural integration. These skills have proved to be invaluable assets in my personal and professional life, arming me with the capacity to communicate effectively in a global context.